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Welcome to Forever Young 

"Where being a kid comes naturally"

Forever Young

Since 1979, Forever Young has created a learning environment that is nonviolent and gender-neutral which respects the diversity of all cultural and ethnic viewpoints.  Our basic philosophy is to respect each child and their developmental level.


Forever Young is a nonprofit Co-Op child care center with an all-parent Board of Directors, which offers an all-inclusive infant & toddler program.


Meals, diapers, and wipes are all included in your child's tuition. In addition, Forever Young provides natural, healthy vegetarian meals made in-house by experienced staff. 


Established in 1979.

In 1979, a group of parents with infants and young children looked at daycare centers in the Sacramento area and found none to their liking. They decided to start something new - a cooperative concerned not with making a profit or homogenizing their children, but instead, a loving place that put the health and happiness of the children first. They named it Forever Young after a song by Bob Dylan. More than forty-four years later, Forever Young is still going strong and still adhering to the core principles upon which it was founded. 

We stress choice in activities, independence, exploration, self-sufficiency, and respect. We believe that healthy, happy, and confident children are successful children. 

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Outstanding Quality

Our unique parent-run co-op board structure means that you as a parent will have a say in how the center runs and responds to the needs of our families. 

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